Sunday, September 5, 2010

Onam Pookalam @ Home - 2010

Creating Onam pookalam (flower carpet) is one way of celebrating Onam. Below is a snap of the Pookalam created at my home.

It started with a bunch of flowers. We bought variety of flowers.

First things first, making a drawing of the design with a chalk. Once the drawing is done u are ready for the making the pookalam.

There is nothing stopping us from making the pookalam even the rain.

The pookalam is making its shape despite the fall of rain.

Here is a closer look at the pookalam.

And the final version of the athapookalam.

Birds view of the athapookalam.


  1. This looks good!!!!

  2. Superb........

  3. Unbelievable this pookalam is so beautiful, great color combination

  4. Pookalam - a nice art work from flowers..

  5. Excellent!! A naive question though. How much do the flowers cost in Kerala. Here in Hyderabad they cost a fortune during festivals eg. marigold (orange) is Rs 80/kg, Chrysanthemums (indigenous variety) Rs 300/kg. :-(