Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cool Bike Design

Check the yet to be launched bike from Bajaj, which is displayed in the 2008 Auto Expo. Hopefully the bike will be available in the market in a few months or even days. I don’t know the Bajaj design team will retain the same design theme or not. The bike is radical looking, not like anything on the road. A very adventurous design theme, I should say. Definitely it is going to impress the youngsters.
The conventional bike lovers may find it difficult to accept the design theme. The headlight fairing is positioned slightly low. The taillight section and the back cowl looks really sexy. It is pretty much evident that Bajaj has evolved over the years, especially in the design department. Even the design of the very own Pulsar has evolved over the years. The era of not good looking bikes like Boxer or Caliber has gone. Welcome to the world of good, radical looking bikes.

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